Friday, 24 July 2015

Good news for the investors of Unlisted stocks.
Shares of unlisted companies beat returns delivered by listed equities :-

Check out the Picture given below,It speaks itself:-

There is much more to come. So keep Investing....

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  1. Already stocks are at pick level. Expect 10-15% more rise from current level, If economic condition & performance are good. It is advisable to avoid any entry in particular script. Listed markets are safe & having good potential than Unlisted.
    Before one year ago following shares are traded between this price range since last 1-2 year:
    1) TMB: 55000-65000 & currently available @ 73000
    2) Tata tech : 1300-1500 & currently available @ 1800
    3) Bharat Nidhi - No movement

    In listed market, If you invest Avanti feed, Larsen, LG Bala, Foseco, Indag rubber, Lupin, Empire, Kitex Garment and many more.

    Here Unlisted market, you have to pay tax & In Listed, market LTCG is tax free.

    Investor has to select the right option.