Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Inflation Has Eased, But Still Above Comfort Level.

Expect industrial recovery seen in April to continue.

Moderation In Inflation To Help Ease Monetary Stance.

Need Formal Monetary Policy Framework For Targeting.

 Implementation of Central GST could be first step towards GST.

 DTC required as a clean modern requirement for existing income tax law.

Need To Permit Commercial Coal Mining By Private Cos.

Need To Optimise Procurement Cost Of Power.

Stressed Sectors are Infra, Iron & Steel, Textiles, Aviation and Mining.

RBI Identified 5 Sectors As Stressed Sectors.

Pricing Of Subsidised Fertilisers Skewed Nutrient Usage.

Rollout Of Nutrient Fert Subsidy Flawed Without Urea.

Sustaining Improved BoP To Be Challenge In Medium-term.

Arbitrary Cane Price Fixing By States Hitting Sugar Mills.

FY15 Current Account Deficit May Be Limited To 2.1% Of GDP.

Seeing Signs Of Revival In Aviation Sector.

FY15 Current Account Deficit May Be Limited To About $45Bn.

Revision To 7-8% Growth Can Occur Only Post Next Fiscal.

See RBI Taking Accommodative Stance As Inflation Eases.

Long-term debt accounts for 78.2% of total external debt.

Need mechanism to cope with capital flight, global environ.

Industry Growth Likely To Revive In Next 2 Years.

 Fiscal Consolidation Remains Imperative For Economy.

Improved twin deficit may lead to higher but gradual growth.

RBI Stand Intended To Set Eco On Disinflationary Path.

Need to move to market prices of fuel products.

MNREGA has created labour shortage and raised wages.

Expect room for monetary easing later this fiscal.

Fisc Consolidation, Supply-side Steps To Aid Monetary Mgmt.

GST introduction to help state resource-raising potential.

Aggregate Demand Up 5% Vs 4.7% YoY On Good Exports.

See global recovery improving in FY15.

Inflation Seen Easing In FY15 On Softening Global Prices.

Must Re-examine Laws Allowing Govt Interference In Market.

India Services Sector CAGR At 9% In 2001-12.

WPI inflation likely to moderate by 2014-end.

Central GST could be first step towards full GST.

BOP position improved 'dramatically' in FY14.

Downside Risk To Eco Due To Geopolitical Tensions.

See Improvement In Mfg, Balance Of Payments In FY15.

Raising TAX-GDP ratio key to fiscal consolidation.

There Are Concerns Over El Nino Emergence This Year.

Eco can look forward to better growth prospects in FY15.


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