Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Discontinuance of Buyback of the shares of Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited (Scrip code: 533154)

In continuation of Exchange Notice No: 20130619-05 dated 19-06-2013, the trading members are hereby informed that Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited (Scrip code: 533154) shall discontinue with the scheme of buyback of its fully paid-up equity shares of face value ofRs.10/- each from the Open Market through the trading mechanism of the Exchange w.e.f. the close of market hours on June 04, 2014.

Accordingly, the scheme of buyback of shares of Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited will not be available in Physical as well as Demat form and trading under the following scrip code for physical mode will be suspended:

Scrip Code

Name Of the Securities

Suspended From

Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited

TV18 Braodcast Limited.

Price / Consideration:  The Offer Price of ` 30.18 (Rupees Thirty and eighteen paise only) per Offer
Share is calculated in accordance with Regulation 8(3) of the SEBI (SAST) Regulations.

 Mode of Payment: The Offer Price is payable in cash in accordance with Regulation 9(1)(a) of the
SEBI (SAST) Regulations.

Type of Offer: The Offer is in compliance with Regulation 5 read together with Regulation 3(1) and
Regulation 4 of the SEBI (SAST) Regulations pursuant to the proposed indirect acquisition of about2
71.29 per cent of the outstanding equity share capital of Network18 Media & Investments Limited
(“NW18”). NW18 in turn holds 87,70,35,062 Equity Shares representing 51.07 per cent of the
Emerging Voting Capital.


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