Thursday, 1 May 2014

  • Equal opportunities to be provided to minorities; unfortunate that muslims continue to bestymied in poverty.

  • Scheme to end open defacation. Manual scavenging to be abolished.

  •  Multi –country students’ exchange programme to be initiated BJP manifesto.

  • Water to every village, water to every field will be government’s one of priorities.

  • BJP government will reform tax system to attract investors. Tax Terrorism will be ended and people’s woes will be reduced.

  • Prices have to be contained. Minorities need more opportunities in education and industry.

  • BJP manifesto talks about creating better sanitation facilities.

  • Madrasas to be modernised with by inducting Maths and Science teachers.

  • New national health policy including National Health Assurance Mission to be formulated. Modernisation of hospitals. AIIMS in every state.

  • Freight and industrial corridors to be developed. Coastal areas network development will be done through ‘sagar mala’ project.

  • Universalisation of secondary education to be put in mission mode.

  •     If Mr. Narender Modi swarn as a new prime minister of india after the election result on 16th may 2014. What you think that Mr. Modi will fulfill their commitments and what will be the new steps of Mr. Modi.
    Please comment on this we are waitting your valueable comments on this subject.

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  1. yes, i think ,Mr. Narender Modi will fulfill his commitment