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PNB Finance & Industries LTD PNB Finance And Industries Limited ( The Punjab National Bank Limited )

PNB Finance & Industries Limited

Registered Office:

10 Daryaganj,
New Delhi

Tel +91-11-23267336 ; 39843340-41
Fax +91-1123279643
 Email :
RTA : Skyline Financial Services Private Limited
New Delhi-65

ISIN No. : INE057F01011


Incorporated in 1885 ( with Regd. Address : Anarkali Lahore ) . Before nationalisation of banks in 1969, PNB Finance & Industries Ltd.was known as " The Punjab National Bank Limited " Its banking business was transferred to present day Punjab National Bank. Share holders of erstwhile " The Punjab National Bank Limited " were given the option of either cash or continue as shareholders of the Company . Majority of non- promoter share holders encashed.

Current Status

The  company  renamed PNB Finance And Industries Ltd., then became a closely held Investment Company of the promoters of Punjab National Bank. This group is the renowned SAMIR JAIN GROUP of Times of India fame.

In 1995-1996 , a liberal Rights Issue was made a very nominal premium which was largely subscribed by the promoter group. 

PNB Finance & Industries Ltd. has a capital base of Rs.3 crore 20 lakh and has about 3000 shareholders.Chairman is Samir Jain. Other directors are OP Vaish ; Govind Sarup , Dr. Rupesh Mehta ; Ashok Sen ; Mohit Sen and Meera Jain.

PNB Finance And  Inds. Ltd. is one of the promoters , holding on consolidated basis , around 19% equity of Bennett, Coleman & Company- the owners of the renowned Times of India Group. Times of India group is asset laden although it has been maintaining a low profile.

Times group had earlier promoted "The Times Bank ". This merged with HDFC Bank. PNB Finance & Industries holds promoters shares of The Times Bank ( now HDFC Bank ) .

Both , Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd and HDFC Bank shares' and other very valuable investments' book value appears to be at original cost price.

As per PNB Finance's official consolidated Balance Sheet ( Jacaranda Corporate Services Limited and Punjab Properties Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of PNB Finance And Industries Limited  ), PNB Finance & Inds. Limited holds, inter alia :-

5,810,872 shares of Bennett Coleman And Co. Limited ( Book Value Rs.27 Lakh ).
431,743 shares of HDFC Bank ( Book Value Rs. 275 Lakh )

The official book value of the share ( Rs. 10/- ) is around Rs. 70/-.Dividend 6%.

Financial Year 2009-2010

Gross Profit Rs. 24 cr 32 lakh  ( Previous Year Rs. 61 lakh )
Net Profit  Rs. 20 cr 28 lakh   ( Previous Year Rs. 81 lakh )
Dividend : 6 %

 So this share is a collector's ( as different from investors' ) item.

No. of Shareholders : Around 2975
Trading Status of Share - Listed at Delhi Stock Exchange & Calcutta Stock Exchange But - Illiquid

For further study, please consider the following :

It has been worked out  that NAV one share of Bennett Coleman And Company is around Re One Lakh .

For every one share of PNB Finance there is in PNB Finance's holding around 2 shares of Bennett Coleman And Co. ( PUNJAB PROPERTIES LIMITED and JACARANDA CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED are wholly owned subsidiaries  of PNB Finance And Industries Limited )

According to  reports  , some time back the  rates  at which dealers purchased PNB Finance And Industries Limited shares was @ Rs.2500 + , Latest Rs.3500 - Rs.4000 +   Latest 4500 + (  But there are only Buyers and practically no seller )

( In the unofficial trades ,share price of Bharat Nidhi is around   25 % higher than that of PNB Finance And Industries Limited )

Both PNB Finance And Industries Limited and Bharat Nidhi Limited should  :-

1 ) Split the Face Value to Re. 1 ( from current Rs. 10 )
2) Be listed in BSE / NSE

Bennett , Coleman  And Company Limited , apart from its No. 1 leadership presence  in newspapers ( Times of India group ) is , also , a massive Investment Holding Company. Apart from direct investments  ( it is the second biggest share holder in HDFC Bank with around 5 % holding ) and cross investments in asset laden group companies  like Camac etc., Bennett , Coleman And Co. Limited has around 59 subsidiaries .This gigantic asset holdings is unparalleled  in the Indian Corporate Sector.


Consolidated Investments of PNB Finance And Industries Limited

 Camac Commercial Company Limited and Ashoka Viniyoga Limited hold substantial shares of Bennett Coleman And Company Limited

Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited 's subsidiaries .:-

1.  Dharmayug Investments Limited,
  1. Satyam Properties And Finance Ltd.,
  2. Rajdhani Printers Ltd.,
  3. Surge Enterprises Ltd.,
  4. Banhem Estates And I T Parks Ltd.,
  5. Optimal Media Solution Ltd.,
  6. 21'st Century Constructions Ltd.,
  7. Times Journal India. Ltd.,
    9.  Times Global Broadcasting Company Ltd.,
  1. Times Business Solutions Ltd.,
  2. Times Business Solutions RFZLLC (Dubai),
  3. Suryashankar Properties Ltd.,
  4. Shuhban Properties Ltd.
  5. Aadidev Properties Ltd
  6. Aryabhata Properties Ltd
  7. Anagha Estates Ltd
  8. Sushena Properties Ltd
  9. Vaidehi Estates Ltd
  10. Zoom Entertainment Network Ltd
  11. Times Digital Ltd
  12. Times Yoga Ltd
  13. Pt Ventures Private Ltd
  14. Times Goa Media Ltd
  15. Centre for Excellence in Management Training and Development, brand Equity Treaties Ltd
  16. Mind Games Shows Pvt. Ltd
  17. Vardhaman Publishers Ltd
  18. Vijayanand Printers Ltd
  19. Times Infotainment Media Ltd
  20. Mirchi Movies (India) Ltd
  21. Entertainment Network (India) Ltd. -( " Radio Mirchi " fame ) ( Listed Market Cap : Around Rs.1200 cr )
  22. Times Innovative Media Ltd
  23. Alternate Brand Solutions (India) Ltd
  24. TIML Globle Ltd
  25. TIML Golden Square Ltd
  26. TIML Radi Holdings Ltd
  27. One Golden SquareCreative Ltd
    TIML Radio Ltd
  28. TIML Digital Radio Ltd
  29. Artha Financial Services Ltd
  30. Artha Broking Services Ltd
  31. Artha Comnodities Ltd
  32. Artha Distribution Services Ltd
  33. Artha Forex Services Ltd
  34. Artha Insurance Broking Services Ltd
  35. Artha Credit Pvt. Ltd
  36. Times Internet Ltd
  37. Times Internet INC
  38. USA,Times Internet (UK) Ltd
  39. UK,Times Websol Ltd
  40. Times Mobile Ltd
  41. a2z Shopping Ltd
  42. Times of Money Ltd
  43. Times of Money Inc(USA)
  44. TimesofMoney UK-PLC(UK) ,
  45. TOM Global Payment Services Ltd
  46. Tom Payment Solutions Ltd
  47. Timesofmoney Financial Services Ltd
  48.  Times Guaranty Limited  ( Listed : Market Cap : Around Rs. 70 Cr. )
 59 TOM Expat Services Ltd

Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism .

NB :( All information given in good faith. Please check independently. No responsibility with writer/ blog )

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