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Nirma Compulsory Acquisition of Non Promoters Details

Nirma Compulsory Acquisition of Non Promoters Details

Total Number of Non Promoter Shares  : 7439704 shares - Rs. 5 Paid  ( 4 :68 % )

No. of Non Promoter :Shareholders :41,619 

Reason given in EGM Notice ( for 23/ 07 / 13 -11 AM , Ahmedabad ) as to why Promoters ' shares are excluded from compulsory capital reduction is that these Share holders have given their consent to RETAIN their shares ( Page 3 - Explanatory Statement  , Second Last Para ).

So , the legal position may be that all those shareholders ( Promoter or Non Promoter ) who give their consent to retain their shares would be excluded from this compulsory acquisition / cancellation of shares . 

NB: Send this letter , also , in hard copy by Regd. Post / Speed Post

Nirma Limited - Compulsory Buy Back- Letter to Compliance Officer

From :-                                                                       Dated:- 04-07-2013

To ,

The Compliance Officer ,
Nirma Limited,
Nirma House, Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad - 380009

Dear Sir ,

With due respect , we state as under :-

1 ) We hold shares of your Company under L/f : ( A/c - ).

 2 ) The move to compulsory acquire shares selectively from the remaining share holders @ Rs. 225 Per Share is unrealistic and  unacceptable to us .

3) The compulsory buy-back rate of Rs.225/- is grossly unfair to the remaining public share holders as the rate at the time of Delisting was Rs. 260. Instead of increasing the Rate , it has been decreased

3 ) In case our name ( , L/ f  ) figures in your list of shares for Compulsory Cancellation , then  , please remove it - from the list ,under intimation to us (  by Registered post / Speed Post ).

4 ) We request you to withdraw this anti Non - Promoter move in its entirety .

5 ) PIease, also dispatch a certified copy of the valuation report.

6) In case, the Company persists , then we would be left with no other remedy but to challenge the same in appropriate Court of Laws  , including the Hon'ble High Court of Gujarat and the Hon'ble National Company Law Tribunal.

( Please study the rulings given in the case of compulsory and selective  cancellation of shares by Cadbury India Limited )

As we are CAVEATORS , please do keep us updated of all the legal moves by the Company in this regard.


Share Holder

email ;-


Email address of Nirma :-


Nirma 's Voluntary Tendering Delisting @ 260 - Compulsory Buy Back @ 225

In treating its Share holders shabbily / unwanted babies ,Nirma Limited has beaten its Peers like Cadbury India , Shakti Metdor etc.

Whereas Nirma Limited voluntary Tendering Rate at the time of Delisting was Rs. 260 , now , Nirma wants to kick out the remaining share holders @ Rs, 225

Wonder how they treat Class IV employees  there.

Are Share holders ( owners of the Public Limited Company ) treated any better ?

If such is the mind set of owners then why do they invite Public Capital , in the first place ?

They are better off as HUF / Private Limited



wef :28-03-2012

Exit Offer : Rs. 260 ( for Rs. 5 Paid Up Share )

Exit Window Closed on 03-10-2012


Nirma Compulsory Buy Back- Shareholders to Oppose Tooth And Nail

Shareholders of Nirma Limited are determined to oppose vehemently Nirma Limited 's anti small shareholder move to compulsorily buy back non promoters shares @ Rs. 225 ( Rs 5 Paid ).

Earlier Delisting Price was Rs. 260 . Now , Kicking Out Rate is Rs. 225 .

Are the Promoters willing to Sell Out their Holding at Rs. 225 ?

AGM at Ahmedabad on 23/07/13 , 11 AM

Shareholders are writing their opposition by sending letters , Regd Post , to the Compliance Officer. Later , legal action ( like with Cadbury India and Shakti   Metdor would be undertaken )



Disclosure :- Blog Writer holds in his name / family members shares of Nirma limited

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