Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All India Investors Action Committee - Latest Vote Bank

To raise the issues pertaining to the Indian Investors All India Investors Action Committee ( AI IAC ) is formed.

( 1 ) The primary objective is to galvanise Investors as a VOTE BANK .

Indian politics / economic policies work on Vote Bank basis.

AI IAC would be the latest Vote Bank , which ( by Emails , SMS  would choose , in elections , those candidates which are pro investors and would project their interests in Govt. circles.

( 2 ). Pro Investor policies would be highlighted and actively pursued.

Initial Agenda

( 1 ) Nation wide protests ( in a Gandhian way ) against all those companies ( like Nirma , Cadbury , Shakti Metdor ) which are compulsorily extinguishing Non Promoter Shares ).

( 2 ) Strict implementation of SEBI directives regarding Listing  of Regional Stock Exchange listed companies in BSE / NSE regarding

( 3 ). Dividends remaining unclaimed for Seven Years should not be impounded .

( 4 ) A List of those patriotic Investors be prepared who gave their Gold to Govt. of India at the time of National Emergencies like 1962 ( China War ) , 1993 etc. Such Gold Investors would be suitably honoured.


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